12:13 i laugh alone in my room. i am wearing my pajama shirt. because the game just started i am standing facing the street with no prompts. i have the feeling great moodlet because i have full needs and i have the gloomy moodlet because of my gloomy trait. my three whims are wanting to send a happy text, level up a painting skill, and have a snowball fight

12:15 i raise my arm in the air like i had a eureka moment. i do nothing after that but i get a happy moodlet about my room being nicely decorated.

12:17 i get a prompt to have a quick meal

12:18 i go to the kitchen to drink orange juice. there’s no animation for a sim opening a door. it just does.

12:20 i open up wendy’s fridge to get a drink.

12:23 i had a thought about a glass of water. i bring my drink to the living area where sam and wendy are watching tv.

12:26 i sit on the same grey couch as them

12:28 i take a sip and look at my glass

12:30 i take another sip

12:34 i take another sip. mimi is in the kitchen and thinking about trash, probably because of her cleanliness trait

12:36 i take another sip. i get the smooth sipping happy moodlet from the drink. i get a prompt to go chat with mimi, and she starts walking over with my face in her thought bubble

12:37 i finish my drink and stand up

12:38 i set it down on the coffee table

12:40 i sit on the car seat couch across from sam and wendy

12:43 mimi sits next to me. we start to chat with sam. it’s a casual discussion

12:46 mimi talks about computers. i nod in agreement

12:51 sam says something and mimi enthusiastically appears to agree.

12:53 sam keeps talking and i nod. i get a prompt to go use my computer and research the guitar, as it is a new skill i had started learning.

12:55 sam talks about grilled cheese. wendy isn’t officially in the conversation but appears to be listening. there is a movie playing that she and sam were watching and im not sure if they still are

12:58 sam stops talking about grilled cheese and i chime in. i move my hands out in a friendly gesture. i appear to be addressing mimi.

1:02 i talk about burgers fries and a drink. i make a so-so gesture with my hand.

1:04 i think about computers. the chat prompt gets X’d out as researching the guitar becomes my new task. i get up as i keep thinking about computers. sam and mimi continue the conversation without me

1:07 i get pushed to the side as milner walks into the living area to sit down. i spasm a little bit before walking forward again, and shake a bit more as my leg appears to go through the couch.

1:14 i pull out my chair and sit down at my desk

1:16 i think about a pencil and paper. i turn on my laptop. it looks like i am on the sims version of google

1:19 i think about the angle bracket / period key on my computer. i clicked on a webpage that looks like a new site. it has a blurry image that i can’t make out

1:20 i scroll

1:23 i think about a fancier looking computer than the one in my previous thought. i appear to delete the top link to tie in a new one.

1:24 im on a new website. there is an orange banner with two people looking at me in i’m assuming a friendly gesture but I can’t tell much else.

1:25 i think about the angle bracket period key again

1:28 i scroll down and find a linked image i like. i exclaim out loud and click on it.

1:30 i type on the keyboard and a new website appears. it looks like a forum site. I think about simoleons, the currency in the game

1:33 i barely scroll before i delete the link and type something new in. i am thinking about a pencil and paper

1:35 i go to what is clearly the sims google main page and type something in.

1:36 i go back to a list of search results

1:37 i think of the fancy computer

1:38 i go to the same site as i first visited

1:41 i think of a pencil and paper. i exit out the link and type a new one in

1:44 i think of a suitcase. i go to the orange banner site again

1:48 i click on a different image at the bottom of the site and go what looks like another type of forum or chat site. my research prompt finished and now my new prompt is chatting. my send a happy text whim is also replaced with wanting to talk about dreams with someone. my mood changes from happy to inspired thanks to me researching the guitar.

1:49 out loud i say Hey. it looks like im typing a response out but my hands are not on the keyboard

1:52 i think of the fancy computer again. the chat goes rapid fire without me typing, but i appear very invested and nod and gesture eagerly

1:55 i start clicking my mouse rapidly for no particular reason. the screen shows that i am typing

1:56 i finally actually type but words don't appear in my chat box. they appear when i finish typing and am now clicking

2:00 finally the words and my typing sync up

2:03 my prompt to chat ends and i turn off my computer. it is replaced with a prompt to go play the guitar, boosted by my inspired mood.

2:04 i get up and push my desk chair in. milner is walking around the side alley of our house and thinking about mimi.

2:06 i go into the kitchen area. sam wendy and mimi are still chatting in the living area.

2:08 i go through my bathroom to the laundry area

2:11 i step outside. my outfit has me barefoot so i am barefoot this entire time.

2:13 milner jogs past me to go inside the house. they are also in their sleep outfit so they are also barefoot.

2:15 i reach the guitar in the backyard and lose the decorated moodlet now that I’m outside.

2:17 i look agitated and gesture around. im thinking about trash can, the indicator of dirty surroundings.

2:19 i make an exasperated sigh, shrug my shoulders, and reach down to grab my guitar.

2:20 i start playing and the skill bar appears above my head. its glowing teal because of my inspired mood.

2:24 i look very pained and uncertain. it seems as though i am very bad at guitar still

2:29 i am practice the basic scale

2:44 i get the “rockin riffs” moodlet after hitting a good chord. my playing has improved a bit

2:55 the prompt vanishes. the bar vanishes too and i put down the guitar. I get the “improved sounds” moodlet from getting better at guitar, and it boosts my inspired moodlet

2:56 the prompt to chat with sam appears but isn’t active yet

2:57 the chat bar appears preemptively. it says sam and i are about to have a casual discussion

2:58 i start walking over. sam’s face appears in my thought bubble

3:00 sam sits down in one of the chairs in the backyard. I sit to join him and the chat prompt now becomes active

3:01 i immediately start talking about war tanks

3:03 sam nods in agreement

3:10 sam is talking about those little cart things with the wheels that you put boxes on and lean them back to move things. those. he’s talking about those.

3:15 i dont respond but i stare at the night sky. it’s springtime but the environment is lightly snowing still.

3:16 i get up as the chat prompt disappears and is replaced by me wanting to look at sam’s rug on the wall. it also appears in my thought bubble. sam is finishing his thought as i walk away

3:18 i walk up the back stairs into the back hallway

3:24 i pass mimi as she grabs a water glass. her thought bubble is a picture of a sink so i think she is going to wash her glass. she is one of the few of us that washes her dishes in the sims.

3:24 i enter sams room.

3:26 i stand by the side of his bed and stare at the eye chart i used to replicate his ikea receipt rug. it’s not a bad imitation.

3:33 i nod slightly to myself

3:34 i put my finger to my chin and ponder something

3:37 i get a eureka moment. my mood becomes very inspired. I get the decorated moodlet back now that i am in sam’s nicely decorated room

3:38 i get a new prompt to chat with milner. their face appears in my mind. it looks like we are about to have a casual discussion

3:39 i exit sams room

3:41 my milner thought vanishes but the prompt remains.

3:42 i pause and stand still. then my milner thought reappears and i continue along the prompt that is still there.

3:48 i stand in mimi’s doorway and talk to milner, who is watching tv in mimi’s room.

3:49 my mood shifts from very inspired to inspired. i start the conversation.

3:51 i bring up myself

3:54 milner laughs and talks about a pink balloon dog. there is a side bubble with a movie slate board. maybe it's about the movie they are watching.

3:55 i walk behind milner and look at the tv. someone is painting on a canvas.

3:58 i sit on mimis bed and keep talking to milner, who has turned around and is talking with me.

4:02 i talk about the fancy computer. milner nods and laughs

4:04 i get a prompt queued to go research the guitar again.

4:05 milner is saying something and jumping up and down. i am agreeing with them

4:09 milner is very excited. we get a boost to our friendship and i get up and go to research the guitar. i am thinking of the fancy computer

4:11 i exit mimi's room

4:15 i enter my room

4:17 i sit down

4:19 i go straight to google and know exactly what to type. i click on the link and go to the same first site.

4:23 i type even though i’m scrolling on the screen

4:27 i go to the orange banner site

4:32 i go to the forum site. I’m halfway through researching and i get a new prompt to play the R.E.F.U.G.E. on my laptop

4:34 the research prompt speeds through to finish and immediately i go to the game site, where im on an avatar page. i change the race of my avatar to someone dark skinned and think about children’s blocks.

4:37 there’s a beautiful landscape on the screen now.

4:39 i think about childrens blocks again

4:40 it looks like it’s a fighting game. im clicking rapidly. i think about the bracket key again

4:47 it doesn’t seem to be following one particular avatar, just scenes of fights. i think about the children’s blocks again.

4:51 i think about the fancy computer. i click one of two buttons on the screen, perhaps to start a new game ? it takes me to the title screen and avatar creation screen again.

4:57 i think of a video game console. at some point my whim to talk about dreams is replaced by a whim to finish writing a book, coming from my inspired mood.

5:00 i think about childrens blocks again. the same fight montage plays

5:03 i think about childrens blocks again

5:05 i think about the bracket key

5:11 it looks like the sun is up. a bit more light appears in my room through the closed blinds. i have a inspired lightbulb in my thought bubble.

5:13 i look up at my ceiling and think excitedly. the computer auto starts a new game as the animation loops.

5:14 i nod and say something in agreement with myself and then eagerly start typing and clicking away again

5:16 i think about the fancy computer

5:25 i think about an alien sticking its tongue out

5:44 i put a hand to my chin before i continue playing. i have been making audible grunts and noises as I have been playing the entire time.

5:47 my researching the guitar moodlet goes away. i remain inspired

5:50 i think about the alien again

5:54 i think about the bracket. my full needs moodlet goes away

6:01 i think about the video game controller.

6:09 i think about the bracket

6:13 i think about the children’s blocks

6:18 i think about the alien

6:21 i think about the fancy computer

6:34 i start a new game and the animation loops. the gameplay prompt is halfway done

6:40 i think of the alien

6:45 i think of the bracket

6:50 i think of the bracket again. i lose both of my guitar moodlets and they are replaced with a “feeling inspired” moodlet from my creative trait. i remain inspired.

6:56 i put a finger to my chin and look at my ceiling, thinking.

6:57 i think about the fancy computer and start a new game

7:02 i think about the video game controller

7:10 i think about the children’s blocks

7:16 i start a new game

7:23 i pause and tap my chin before coming to an excited conclusion and playing again. i get the decorated moodlet from my room and it boosts my inspired mood.

7:32 i think about the alien

7:42 i think about the video game controller

7:54 i think about the fancy computer

7:57 i start a new game and think about the childrens blocks

8:01 i think about the fancy computer

8:06 i think about the alien

8:14 i think about the fancy computer

8:18 i think about the alien

8:21 i think about the video game controller

8:26 i think about the fancy computer

.8:31 i rub my brow and look concerned. i think about the childrens blocks.

8:34 i get the notification that mimi has earned a good reputation and has just become good friends with milner

8:35 i think about the bracket key

8:36 i start a new game. the prompt has filled out its time but hasn’t disappeared.

8:41 i think about the alien

8:45 i think about the video game controller

8:50 video game controller again

8:54 video game controller again

9:00 the prompt goes away and the computer is dark. i sit at my desk and look around, smiling. i get a focused moodlet that was thanks to my good gaming session. my decorated moodlet is flashing, indicating that it is going away soon even though I haven’t left my room

9:27 i finally get a new prompt to watch College Cram on the tv. i think about the tv as i leave my room.

9:33 i enter the living room, mimi is sitting there and milner is walking into the kitchen. sam is standing in his room, looking at his rug.

9:35 i start watching the tv. milner and sam are walking like they are joining us, and mimi greets them.

9:38 milner sits between mimi and i and starts talking to mimi, and sam walks down the hallway, probably to the bathroom. the title screen appears on the television

9:43 the screen pans over a university. milner talks about the video game controller

9:48 the show gets to two sims talking next to a whiteboard but i stand up and turn it off. My tv prompt is replaced with needing to go to the bathroom, since my bladder bar is now in the yellow. i think of the toilet as i stand up.

9:52 i walk to my and sam’s bathroom. milner talks about a vacuum cleaner.

9:53 i sit on the toilet. milner is thinking about the tv and gets up and leaves the living area as well, leaving mimi alone.

9:55 i get the naturism moodlet because i am naked while i pee

10:01 i finish peeing and get up

10:02 my clothes appear and i turn and flush the toilet

10:03 i think about the sink as the prompt to wash my hands replaces the toilet prompt.

10:04 i go and wash my hands in the sink.

10:08 i get a prompt to watch sports. i think of the tv as i walk out of the bathroom

10:13 i walk to the living room and join mimi who hasn’t left. she greets me

10:14 i turn on sports and think about a baseball. i ball up my fists and yell out in excitement. mimi gets up, thinking about the toilet.

10:17 two newscasters appear on screen. they show a soccer game

10:24 now it’s showing figure skating. i react enthusiastically.

10:27. a prompt to talk to wendy queues. the chat bar shows we will have a casual discussion and that she is feeling playful

10:32 the screen shows basketball. i think of a smelly shoe and wave my hand and look disgusted. wendy seems to be smelling bad.

10:35 wendy also smells something and makes the same reaction. i think about a baseball glove

10:37 wendy sits down and thinks about me. i think about a sports pennant.

10:38 our conversations starts in tangent with me watching the game. wendy is sitting where the pillow is at she moves in and out of it as she talks.

10:40 wendy talks about a latte. my plumbob turns yellow as my hunger bar turns yellow. sam is walking to the sink

10:42 sam washes his hands. a sportscaster is talking about ping pong now

10:46 wendy thinks of something excitedly. sam walks away from the sink, which is now broken. it starts to spray water onto the ground

10:49 i get the dirty surrounding moodlet that makes me feel uncomfortable, but not enough to overcome my inspired mood. it’s from the broken sink leaving puddles everywhere. a prompt to have a quick meal appears in my queue

10:50 i talk of a pink cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles

10:53 the tv and conversation prompt goes away and i get up to go eat Outpost Popcorn Mix. my inspired mood is gone and my focused moodlet from gaming takes over. i am now in a focused mood.

10:59 i close the door with popcorn in hand. My focused mood causes my finish a novel whim to be replaced with finish Reading a novel

11:00 i react to the dirty surroundings again

11:03 i think of my food as i walk to the couch to eat and sit by wendy. mimi mops. i check wendy and she doesn’t smell at all. it must be the dirty water glasses then.

11:07 i immediately stand up and notice the smell again

11:10 i sit back down to eat

11:12 mimi joins us and turns on the tv. she also notices the smell. wendy leaves and sam enters the kitchen and starts cooking

11:17 i smell my food and smile

11:26 mimi starts a conversation with me. she is energized, probably because she is an active sim. she talks about the sun

11:33 mimi laughs at something i said

11:37 mimi thinks about eating a chicken leg

11:39 i notice the smell again. mimi talks about a vacuum cleaner. a cooking show is playing on the television but I don’t watch

11:46 i happily smell my food again. milner also comes to cook in the kitchen

11:49 i finish my meal and stand up. i now have the Pretty Tasty moodlet that helps boost my focused mood. my novel whim has changed again to wanting to repair an object.

11:51 i set my empty dish onto the coffee table instead of washing it

11:53 i sit back down on the couch. mimi sits on the ottoman by the red chair

11:59 i talk about fast food

12:01 mimi talks about the sun. i get a prompt to go mop the puddle in the kitchen and it queues

12:02 mimi talks about the sprinkle cupcake. i get up and think about the puddle as i walk to mop it

12:03 i start mopping

12:15 i finish. the puddle immediately starts growing again.

12:16 i think of the tv and i go to watch News

12:22 i enter mimi's room to watch there. i stand in front of her dresser and watch from a very close distance.

12:35 i think of a very old tv

12:40 the tv shows firefighters putting out a fire. i put a hand on my hip and look around confidently.

12:51 my focused moodlet goes away and I’m left feeling happy from my pretty tasty dish. i think about a briefcase and simoleons.

12:55 the news now shows celebrities and an alien invasion. i am unfazed.

1:06 i think about a briefcase and the stock market

1:12 i get a prompt queued to chat with mimi

1:18 she walks into the room and talks with me. i think of the old tv

1:23 she talks about money

1:30 she talks about planes.

1:34 sam appears in the chat bar as he comes talk to us.

1:39 mimi sits down at her bed and i turn around to talk

1:45 i walk towards her desk and stand there and talk

1:51 sam comes in and sits on her bed to talk. he talks about the bed

1:55 i stop talking to mimi and only talk to sam. he is feeling uncomfortable

1:58 sam yells about the bathroom and wiggles. he’s probably uncomfortable because he has to pee.

2:02 sam thinks about a bad smell. i talk about how i hate bugs

2:07 milner appears in the chat bar and so does mimi. mimi sits down and joins the conversation. milner is uncomfortable and mimi is fine.

2:08 i think about mimi. sam talks about a vacuum cleaner.

2:10 we all nod. we get friendship boosts

2:12 sam gets up and thinks about a toilet. he is going to the bathroom

2:14 mimi talks about the bed. i am also watching the news still at the same time

2:16 milner disappears from the chat bar. i see them in the hallway. i assume that their prompts changed

2:18 mimi talks about herself

2:27 i talk about grilled cheese. we get a friendship boost

2:29 mimi talks about a soccer ball. i notice my repair object whim has changed to wanting to dance to stereo music. one of my other whims changes to wanting to open a present.

2:33 mimi and i are both really pumped about that soccer ball. we pump our fists in the air.

2:35 i raise my fist in the air and go “hey hey hey!” we get a friendship boost

2:36 i get energized from socializing. my mood also changes to energized. now my whim has switched from dancing to wanting to do situps.

2:41 mimi talks about the sprinkle cupcake

2:45 we get friendship points

2:52 mimi talks about me. i get a text message from Aviva Drescher asking if I wanted to come over and hang out but I cannot respond

2:55 mimi gets up and the chat ends. i go back to simply watching the news.

2:57 mimi just stands in front of me. milner is also just standing in the hallway and sam has been standing in the bathroom for a while too.

3:03 the news screen is frozen on a graphic. i swing my arms back and forth and think about a briefcase and stocks.

3:15 i think about the briefcase again. my energy bar turns yellow and my plumbob turns yellow

3:24 mimi turns to look at me and then continues standing. same with milner and sam, they haven’t moved wendy is eating in the kitchen so i know the game is fine.

3:33 i give a big nod at the paused tv and think about the old tv

3:41 i get a prompt to go talk to sam and so i walk over thinking about him. it says that he is tense. sometimes he gets tense because he’s a kleptomaniac and needs to steal something. i bet that’s it.

3:43 i enter mimi’s bathroom where sam has been standing and staring at the mirror this entire time. wendy has brought her dish all the way to milner’s bathroom to wash because the kitchen sink is broken.

3:44 i walk directly through sam. he complains about being hungry

3:50 i talk about the video game controller. wendy thinks about a bed. sam is looking around and definitely appears tense.

3:54 sam responds. he sounds angry

3:58 sam angrily talks about a plane

4:04 i talk about a thumbs down. i get a prompt to watch Current Movie which queues

4:07 i think about the tv and leave the bathroom. sam stays there

4:11 i start the tv and immediately stop it

4:14 i shake my head and wipe my nose.

4:23 i check on sam to see what’s going on. he is getting hunger prompts but they are not sticking. he simply keeps standing there

4:27 i go to talk to sam again. i think about him as i head over

4:34 i talk about a cloudy day. we get friendship points.

4:42 i talk about a vacuum cleaner. the conversation ends. we both stand there.

5:19 i get two cooking prompts that immediately vanish

5:21 two more. they are like vague white circles that move down and disappear. i only caught that it was cooking because i paused right on time

5:25 another. i dont move

5:34 another

5:39 another prompt

5:44 another prompt

5:47 prompt

5:50 prompt

5:52 prompt

5:54 prompt

5:59 prompt

6:04 prompt

6:09 i get a text from adan allende that he wants to hang out but i cannot respond. i get three failed prompts during that text and three more while i type this out

6:31 prompt

6:35 prompt

6:37 my mood shifts to fine

6:53 prompt

6:53 prompt

6:57 prompt

7:01 wendy is acting normally.

7:05 i become uncomfortable because of low energy. i think of the couch and head over there to nap. i smell milners used menstrual pad and it makes me more uncomfortable

7:12 i move oddly trying to get around milner and keep heading to the couch. no one else in the frozen group moves.

7:22 i jump to very uncomfortable right before i start napping. it’s because of the dirty food on the table. wendy is playing on the ipad

7:27 i talk in my sleep

7:42 my plumbob changes from orange to yellow

7:55 i talk again. wendy goes to mop

8:12 i talk again

8:15 i talk again

8:18 i talk again

8:20 i talk again

8:24 i talk again

8:40 i talk in my sleep

8:49 i talk in my sleep

9:04 i wake up and react to the dirty surroundings. the surroundings make me uncomfortable

9:08 sam joins me in the living room

9:12 he naps

9:15 milner takes my spot in the living room. i think of my bed and head over there to sleep

9:23 i fall asleep

9:31 i groan. my hunger bar turns red and i get the hungry moodlet but me being asleep cancels it out

9:48 i dream of a dragon

10:10 mimi falls asleep

10:24 i yawn in my sleep

10:36 i dream of a podium

11:17 i dream of a gravestone